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How To Upcycle Vintage Coffee Pots Into Planters

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upcycled coffee pot

I am a big fan of upcycling old items to add something “new” to our house.  I recently was able to gather a few vintage items from my grandmother’s old house.  It is a special way to remember her and also to put to use the things that would be thrown away or sold.  I turned a few vintage aluminum coffee pots into beautiful planters, and they add such a nice look to our bathrooms.  

April is Earth Month and it’s a great way to get people thinking about recyling, upcycling, and making a switch to more eco-friendly products.  

Upcycled Vintage Coffee Pot Planters

Luckily, my grandmother kept everything in great shape.  The coffee pots I found were a little dusty, but all they needed was a quick rinse with water and they were good.  

vintage coffee pot

The first thing I did was removed the lids and inside parts.  Of course, you could leave the lids intact, but there was a broken glass piece on top of mine that kept falling out, so I had to remove the lid.  

I then collected rocks and placed them on the bottom of the coffee pot in one layer, for water drainage so the roots are not just sitting in water.


vintage coffee pot with rocks

Next, I added potting soil.  I had already purchased my plants, so I just filled the pots up to a certain level, added in my plants, and then filled around them with more potting soil.

vintage coffee pot with dirt

I am so excited at how they turned out.  The plants that I bought look great in our bathrooms and will also help purify the air.  

vintage coffee pot planter

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How will you change up your personal care products or find a way to give back to the Earth for Earth Month?

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Wednesday 7th of March 2018

I love how you upcycle the coffee pot.what a cute idea. And your grandma would adore it.keep the ideas coming. Thank you. Barbara


Monday 12th of March 2018

thank you, Barbara!


Monday 3rd of April 2017

this is such a great idea!


Monday 3rd of April 2017

thank you!

Lori Pace

Monday 27th of March 2017

This is such a cute idea! Thank you for sharing! (client)

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