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Valentine Box Ideas – 20+ Valentine’s Day Boxes for School!

It wasn’t until I had kids in elementary school that I learned bout the Valentine Box. When I was growing up, we would make these huge paper pouches and decorate them with markers and tape them to our desks for our friends to drop their valentines in for our Valentine’s Day parties. But now, many teachers are making a big home project for this. I have even heard of teachers giving grades for these homemade boxes! Not that any parent needs another project to do, but they can be fun. I am one for letting the kids do it by themselves, and the parents stepping in to use glue guns or whatnot, but it really should be a kid made project! It should be fun! No matter how you look at it though, it is easier to start after you get some inspiration.  So, here are 20+ Valentine Box Ideas for your kid’s valentines!

valentine box ideas

These ideas range from easy to more difficult. Some may be made with things you already have at home, while some warrant a trip to the craft store, which is never a bad thing, right?

If you are looking also for homemade valentines, check out these cute valentines for kids to make or my printable donut valentines!

I am admittedly not the craftiest mom out there and there’s no shame if that’s not your talent! If you would rather just order a kit to work on with your child, here are a few great options:

Those are easy enough, right?

The bottom line is that if it is something that you and your child like doing, then go all out! But I am pretty sure that teachers wouldn’t want you stressing out. There will always be the parent who does their kid’s entire box for them and it is by far the best, and there will always be someone who just brings a shoebox. No shame in either game, just do something your child will feel comfortable with and be able to take his or her valentines and goodies home in!!

Now, on to the Valentine Box Ideas!

Valentine Box Ideas - 20+ Valentine's Day Boxes for School!

20+ fun ideas for a DIY Valentine Box!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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