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12 Tips to Create a Home Office Best for Productivity

If you work from home or are about to start working from home, a dedicated home office space is a great way to create a place that you can be the most productive. Having your own home office setup can be a massive lifesaver if you do any work from your home. If you think that your dining table will suffice, it can, if that is all you have, but if you can create a small home office space, your business and brain will be better off!

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Choose the Right Location

It can be surprising how much space you need for an office at home. Most work can be done online these days, but even an adequate desk and a decent chair can take up a small room. If you have a spare room you can use for your home office, this is perfect for a workspace. And to make it easier, call around your local moving companies for a good deal and some help clearing the room for decorating and making it your own office, and also moving anything large in your house that you need to be relocated.

Create a Dedicated Work Zone

If you do not have a room that you can entirely dedicate as a home office, see if you can use half of a guest room or a dedicated space in the living room for your work area. Let your family members know what the purpose of this area is and let everyone know that the things for your work need to stay in your home office space.

Invest in a Comfortable Workspace

There are many options for work from home furniture, but see if you can get what you really want to make your work space comfortable and easy to use. You are the one who will be spending hours in it each week! 

Ideas range from a desk chair with lumbar support, an l-shaped desk, ergonomic office chair, or a small desk. You can even get a walking pad if you are one who likes to move while they work. It would be great under a standing desk!

Organize your Workspace

Depending on your job, you may need only a laptop or desktop computer and a printer. You can still add a bulletin board to keep important reminders, a to-do list, and a calendar. Other things you might want to add are a desk lamp, reference books, sticky notes, and a clock.

Think About Storage

Online work may require no storage space, but there are things you may need for your job. It doesn’t help to constantly walk up and down the stairs or between rooms, so it is logical to have everything to hand.

This could be filing cabinets, folders for hard copies, office supplies like pens and highlighters, or even space for ink cartridges. Whatever it is, you will need some storage solution in your office space. Vertical space on walls would be good for storage in a small nook.

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Personalize your Workspace

There are a lot more people working from home these days. A combination of surveys suggests that around half of workers in the USA now do some or all their work from home. This can be a lifesaver and allows you to get more done if you plan your day well and follow some simple rules. But you can also feel a lot more relaxed and productive if you make the space personal. Put up some family pictures, grab a new plant, and install some speakers for the music you love.

Add Proper Lighting

Chances are, if you are working in the only area you could manage in your house, it is likely that your work area does not have good lighting. If you don’t have a window nearby for natural lighting, you can utilize desk lamps or install overhead lighting. 

It is a good idea to fix poor lighting in your dedicated workspace before you begin your office hours. Eye strain is not a good part of work from home life, so make sure to not only have proper lighting, but to schedule breaks so you are not staring at a computer screen for long hours. 

Consider Technology and Functionality

The office you choose to create must meet the needs of your job. Personalization is great, but functionality must come first. It can be shocking how many cables and accessories you might need. You may not think about this at an employer’s office because they are typically well-hidden and managed. But you will need cabling for your network, a computer desk that can keep cables managed well, and cabling supplies. 

Ensure Good Connectivity

Most work-from-home jobs rely on a stable internet connection in order for you to operate effectively. If you find that your current connection is unreliable or slow, then it can be beneficial to search for a provider that can meet your needs. A simple online search for ‘internet providers near me‘ will connect you to a variety of options in your area. Additionally, you can consider the use of boosters to amplify your Wi-Fi signal, if needed.

Provide Some Perks

One of the best things about your home workspace is that it is YOURS. And that means you can do as you like. Having some perks close by can really enhance your working day and help boost your productivity. For example, why not splurge on a brand-new coffee machine you can keep close to your desk? Or make a space for breaks for yoga and meditation if the room is large enough. And even a simple, comfortable couch in the corner can help you relax throughout the working day.

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Soundproof the Space, if Possible

Some people who work from home are also parents. If you have a spouse or sitter that will be taking care of the kids while you work, you might consider soundproofing your work space. 

You will need a quiet area to work and it is not fair to make everyone in the house be quiet all day long. This will also provide for fewer distractions 

​Establish a Routine and Schedule

Working from home can allow you to be flexible, but it is also important to create a routine and schedule if you want to be most effective at your job. Set regular working hours, if possible, create a morning routine, and plan your day.

Communicate your working hours to family members or housemates to minimize interruptions. Set clear boundaries to help maintain a separation between work and personal life.

Good luck with your new home office space. These tips should help you to be more productive and focused!

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