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How To Clean Up Your Personal Care Products and Help Clean Waterways, Too!

How to clean up your personal care products and help clean waterways, too has been brought to you by Tom’s of Maine.  All opinions are mine.

clean up your personal care products

I have fond memories of going to ponds, lakes, and rivers with my family. There is just something about the water that creates a peaceful, calming effect. I am especially reminiscent of the croaking frogs, the cicadas in the summertime, and the exciting “plop!” that fish make when jumping in the water or eating a bug floating on the water.

Now that our boys are all old enough to enjoy camping and going to lakes and rivers, we make it a point to schedule visits to bodies of water whenever we can. I want them to experience the same feelings I did as a kid. Just being able to look out over the water and experience the calm and wonder in its natural state.


clean up your personal care products


clean up your personal care products

How To Clean Up Your Personal Care Routine

You may recognize some of the products in the picture above, and you may even use them. I have been a Tom’s of Maine® fan for several years now. It is one small way that I made the switch to a healthier lifestyle. By cleaning up my personal care routine, as well as that of my family’s, we are doing what is better for our bodies and the environment.  Tom’s of Maine products never contain potentially harmful ingredients. It is a name that has been trusted in the natural products industry for over 48 years and 10% of profits go to human and environmental causes.

All Tom’s of Maine natural personal care and oral care products are made with no artificial colors, flavors, fragrances or preservatives, nor are they tested on animals.  All Tom’s of Maine® packaging can be upcycled through TerraCycle®.

How Tom’s Of Maine Is Helping To Restore Waterways… And You Can Help, Too!

Through an exclusive partnership with The Nature Conservancy, the leading conservation organization, Tom’s of Maine® is donating $1,000,000 to help fund projects that restore waterways across the US.

4 Projects of Focus:

THE COLORADO RIVER:  Restoring and protecting water supplies for people and nature

THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER: Restoring key floodplains to reduce nutrient pollution in a basin that covers (or drains) 41% of the U.S.

EAST COAST DAMS:  Freeing miles of river from Maine to Maryland by removing dams and improving habitat connections

THE SUSTAINABLE RIVERS PROGRAM: Working with the Army Corps of Engineers to better balance what humans and rivers need to survive

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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