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Summer Sports and Dental Injuries

This dental injuries post was brought to you by Jefferson Dental Clinics.  All opinions are mine.

Summer Sports and Dental Injuries

We are taking a break from team sports this summer, but our kids are playing some sort of sport every day!  This helpful infographic from Jefferson Dental Clinics is very eye opening as to what dangers lie ahead for many kids' mouths and teeth this summer.  Sports injuries are common and we try to prepare for them, but how many parents plan for the best care of our children's teeth?  I am always scared that the boys are going to knock a tooth out, and yes, it would be traumatic if that happened, but there's also jaw dislocation, root fracture, or crown displacement.  Proper fitting of mouthguards and helmets is essential for the safety of your child's teeth!  Check with your child's dentist before they start practicing for any sport to make sure that their teeth are going to be protected during the season.  

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Tuesday 4th of April 2017

Infographic clearly depicts the rate of injuries from various sports very clearly. Initially children should be taught about the safety measures to avoid gettting injured on the play field. But some cases its unavoidable but in those scenario need to rush to a Emergency dentist near by for atleast a professional first aid. Letting it unattended would cause severe problems on the later stage.


Tuesday 21st of March 2017

Very good infographics with insights hightlighting the importance of dental care and dental injuries during summer sports. True facts that children get dental injuries playing sports. But those should be treated at once emergency dentist are available. Because later it would lead to severe problems and becomes expensive as well to treat them.

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