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Urgent Care from Home or a Hotel Room!

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This summer we moved after living in the same place for eight years. I was a little apprehensive about new schools, new friends, and a new town but do you know what honestly made me the MOST nervous? Having to find a new urgent care. It seems that my kids ALWAYS get sick on the weekends or holidays. It never fails. We had a reliable urgent care for kids before we moved, but now the closest urgent care that accepts our insurance is about 30 miles away.

Enter Amwell. Amwell is SO helpful to families like mine because of the fact that you don’t have to leave home to receive the care that you need. 

urgent care from home

Urgent Care from Home

What I love about Amwell is that it is there for me and my family 24/7. This is a great option for single parents, parents who have spouses that work night shifts and are away, parents that travel often, or anyone that needs immediate care. No more waking up the older kids when the baby is sick, no more calling a friend at 2 AM when someone’s fever comes on, and definitely no more dragging a sick child into the cold this winter.

The last thing anyone wants is to leave the house when they are sick. On top of that, no one ever wants to sit in a crowded ER or Urgent Care with a lot of other sick people when their immune system is already down!

When to use Amwell:

  • Fever
  • Cold & flu
  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Stomach bugs
  • Rashes
  • UTI

Urgent Care While Traveling

Another time when kids tend to get sick is when traveling. It is always unexpected and usually, finding an Urgent Care that our insurance will cover takes an extremely long time. Time that could be spent getting well rather than driving to some remote location. I could have used Amwell during our trip to Disney World, when I had allergies or a cold that was really dragging me down towards the end of our visit!

Amwell is a timesaver and a sanity saver while traveling! Download the app, select urgent care visit, and talk to a medical provider and get answers quickly.

Amwell Coupon Code

Follow this link to start your discounted doctor visit and use this coupon code for 50% off a $69 urgent care visit: “gingercasa”.

I am crossing my fingers that no one gets sick this holiday season, especially while we are traveling, but if we do, I know I can count on Amwell, even during the holidays! Bookmark this page and this code for the times when you need urgent care from home and download the app today!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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