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How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors – No Garden? No Problem!

Do you love the flavor of fresh tomatoes but feel like you don’t have the space to grow them? The good news is, you don’t need a ton of space to grow a tomato plant. In fact, you can grow tomatoes in pot, INDOORS! Growing tomatoes indoors is an easy solution to your space problem, so look below at some helpful tips on how to grow tomatoes indoors and reap an abundance of fresh produce!

How To Grow Tomatoes Indoors


1. Choose a tomato variety that is small in size.

When growing tomatoes indoors, it is best to use a small variety. Growing beefsteak tomatoes could be challenging as you are limited on space. Instead, choose smaller tomato varieties like cherry tomatoes, yellow pear tomatoes, or grape tomatoes. They are the perfect size and can grow in more cramped quarters.

2. Seedlings or seeds?

Growing from seeds is cheaper, but takes longer. Seedlings cost about $1 per plant, and you can harvest much sooner. If you are in a hurry to harvest, starting out with a strong seedling is ideal. If planting seeds, your growing process takes longer BUT is so fun to watch the development of the plant!

planting tomatoes indoors

3. Pick an appropriate planter.

The roots of your tomato plants will need some serious space to stretch their legs. This means planting your tomato seedlings in a pot at least 8-10 inches in diameter and a good 12 inches deep. This way your plants can expand as they grow and not experience root issues.

4. Offer the tomato plant some support.

Small stakes or even rulers and yard sticks can be used to offer the tomato plant more support. This way the plant can continue to grow without the risk of snapping or falling over. Use yarn to gently tie the plant to the stake.

5. Know how to feed and water your tomato plant.

Soil in your planter should always be moist. Never allow it to get muddy or dry to the point where it cracks. You want the soil to be moveable and damp at all times.

growing tomatoes indoors

6. Light is everything.

Place the tomato plants in a space where they will get at least 6+ hours of light. You can always supplement with artificial light if this is an issue. A sunroom of course is ideal but any bright space will do.

7. Know when to pinch and prune.

As your tomato plant grows be sure to pinch off any dead areas. This will help the rest of the plant thrive and do its best. Don’t allow produce to linger too long on the stems as they could rot or cause the stems to snap.

8. Don’t forget to save seeds.

Save seeds from your tomato plants to use next season! Just set some aside, rinse them, and keep them in a cool and dry place until you are ready to plant again.

Are you ready to get some tomatoes growing? Give these tips for growing tomatoes indoors a try and see how fun it can be!

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Thursday 22nd of February 2018

I have got to try growing tomatoes indoors! It's too cold where we live to grow them outdoors unless you have a greenhouse and a very green thumb (I fail every year!)

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Wednesday 28th of February 2018

thanks, Nicole!

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