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12 Delicious Date Night Dinners to Make for Two


12 delicious date night dinners

While going out to a restaurant with your spouse or significant other is great, sometimes the best way is to just stay in. Especially on busy nights like Valentine’s Day, (or Friday…) it just becomes more of a hassle to fight the crowds, talk over the noise, and spend time with each other.  

It’s nice just to stay in and enjoy a meal, just the two of us.  Sure there is cooking involved, but cooking is a labor of love for me.  I absolutely love being able to cook something that I know we will enjoy!  And cooking together is a great idea, too. If you have kids, just send them off with grandma or the neighbor family and dedicate a couple of hours to just spending time together and talking. And pin this list for Valentine’s Day, because I guarantee this is better than going out on the busiest day of the year for restaurants!

What better way to celebrate this special occasion than with a delightful and romantic dinner? Whether you’re a seasoned home cook or someone who prefers easy weeknight dinners, this collection of dinner recipes has you covered with the world’s best recipes tailored for a memorable evening. If you want to make homemade pasta and enjoy making pasta dough, then for sure go for it. But if you are pressed for time and just want an easy dinner with healthy ingredients, that is just as meaningful to the person you love. They just want to spend quality time with you!

There are many great options for many different diets. From pasta dinners to easy meals, to those that are a little more challenging, you will find a delicious meal you both will love.

These dinners that will suit your love languages! Impress your date with a succulent steak dinner or perfectly cooked lobster tail. Grab one of these romantic recipes for the perfect dinner together.

Don’t forget the side dish! From crusty French bread to simple salads or soups, sides don’t have to be complicated to complement your main dish. 

End your evening on a sweet note with romantic desserts, too! A little bit of sweetness is the perfect way to wrap up your date night. Consider preparing this chocolate covered strawberry dessert or Shirley Temple cake!

These recipes cater to home cooks of every level. Whether you’re a hopeless romantic or looking for a quick and easy meal, we’ve got you covered. Bonus points for minimal prep time! The best part? Our easy date night recipes allow you to spend more time enjoying each other’s company and less time stressing in the kitchen.

Whether it’s a “Marry Me Chicken” recipe or a delightful pasta dish, our collection of date night dinners is designed to make your special night even more memorable. Head to the grocery store, gather your ingredients, and let the romance unfold at your dinner table. Cheers to love and delicious meals! 

What are your favorite romantic dinner ideas?

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If you are a man reading this post, then way to go! Cooking for your spouse is an amazing act of love!  These are good go to recipes for Mother’s Day, too!

12 Delicious Date Night Dinners

Date night dinners are sometimes more special than going out to eat! Cook for your loved one or cook together and enjoy one of these delicious meals together.

What is your favorite recipe for date night dinners?


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