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35+ Impressive Seafood Recipes for Everyone

Seafood is a delicious way to get lots of vitamins and nutrients. There is so much versatility in seafood. Whether you are looking for impressive seafood recipes, healthy seafood recipes, or a few good seafood recipes for the family during Lent, this is the place to find them! 

In our house, seafood is popular. My husband and oldest son love shrimp, I love a good grilled salmon, and everyone loves tuna. There are so many more ways to cook seafood though. What are some seafood dishes? Keep reading!

35+ impressive seafood recipes for the family

What is the best way to cook seafood?

I love that at almost any restaurant we go to that serves seafood will serve it multiple different ways. Grilled, fried, and baked are all popular ways to cook seafood. But, you can also cook it with pasta in a casserole, pan fry it, and really, the multiple ways to grill salmon would blow your mind. There are even multiple kinds of seafood. Shrimp, salmon, tuna, crab, lobster are a few of the more popular varieties, but you should definitely have a talk with your seafood specialist at the grocery store!

It is important to read labels or better yet, buy the whole fish and have it cut at meat counter. Fish is oftentimes switched and sold as a more expensive type of fish and that can be very dangerous. Try to buy fish from larger supermarkets, rather than smaller grocery stores. Buying fresh, never frozen, minimally processed seafood helps ensure that what you’re getting is what you want. Expect to pay more because if you want high quality seafood. Look for responsibly caught seafood and you will be happy with your purchase!

Now, on to the list! Try one or all of these delicious seafood recipes…for all ages!

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35+ Impressive Seafood Recipes for Everyone!

Do you need some good family recipes for Lent or Fish Friday? Try these delicious dinners, all made with seafood!

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