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The Blur: Parenting An Infant

We're moving to our new house this weekend…if all goes as planned.  If you didn't know, we've been living with my parents for 3+ months to look for a job, get rejuvenated, and "bond" our family, if you will…  We moved here when Baby D was almost 2 months old.  We, of course, thought we wouldn't be here but 6ish weeks.  Well, God had other plans.  Plans that were well worth waiting for.  We're excited about our move and hubby's new job.  We have enjoyed living here and will miss Grammy & Grampy, for sure.  They were a tremendous help and the time that the boys got to spend with them was priceless.

Back to the story, Baby D started sleeping through the night soon after we moved here.  (and let's pray that he continues to do so!!!)  :o)  But I sit here thinking what it was like when we first moved in and I barely remember any of it.  WHY is that?  I was thinking the other day about how I don't remember much from this part of Fussybuckets' life.  Of course then, I had a good reason to feel like a zombie because he was sleeping horribly, up every 45 mins – 3 hours, and continued to sleep horribly for a while.  Thank goodness for pictures!

parenting an infant
Two months old


5 months old – Easter

I remember the day the above picture was taken, simply because it was Easter.  He was sleeping better at night, but I remember trying to get him to sleep at church.  He refused to!  He just kept popping his head up and looking around at all the people!  He always has been curious and interested in other people!  I think he stayed up for 6 or so hours!  It was crazy!



6 1/2 months old

This is when it starts getting good and the memories come flooding back.  My friends have told me that you just gotta survive for the first 6 months, and then it gets better!  I really do believe that.  Baby D is 5 1/2 months old and getting more and more fun all of the time.  He is able to stay awake longer and while he never does anything at the same time every day, he's falling into a routine.  He's still taking short naps, but he throws a long one in there every once in awhile. 



I don't know why "The Blur" exists.  I mean, most of us look forward to the day that we have kids.  We are filled with excitement when pregnant, make all of these big plans, and then in my case at least, it was just survival those first few months with Fussybuckets.  How is that even cool?  OH well.  Like I said, at least we have pictures.  And air conditioners…  ha!  My dad was telling me that the summer when he was a newborn, the highs were over 100 every day for like, 90 days.  (correct me if I'm wrong, Dad!) My grandma had FOUR other kids to take care of, and no air conditioner.  I cannot even imagine.  Our ancestors were tough, amazing people.  Wow.
So, I'm trying to be super thankful for what we have.  We really are spoiled, you know.  And I'm also trying to take lots of pictures and be mindful to create positive, memorable experiences with my kids!  Often times I fail, but I just gotta keep trying!
Have a great day!



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Friday 3rd of June 2011

Good luck with the move! Hope everything goes as planned.

I'm not a mom yet, but I know what you mean about the blur. I'm a product of a teen mom and she had more children when I was about 16 so I got a taste of motherhood.


Thursday 2nd of June 2011

I'm glad he started sleeping better for you than my little guy did! I think the blur exists on some level for all of us. They grow up so fast!Good luck on your move!

I've chosen you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out this post for more info.

p.s. Don't stress about passing it on right away... Concentrate on your move and your little guy!


Wednesday 1st of June 2011

Hello, Thanks for stopping by my blog I am now your newest follower.I love the name of your blog, so cute! When my son was first born I would ask my older sister about what happened when or what about kinda questions about her son when he was a newborn, she laughed and said it was all a blur she could not remember. I used to laugh but now know all to well what she meant! Great post and I have suffered the no A/C while I was preg for the first 6 months in 110 plus weather, no fun!!!!-Liz


Wednesday 1st of June 2011

Thanks for stopping by my blog for the Alexa hop!

Kristen from


Wednesday 1st of June 2011

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I don't remember the first 6 months of either of my kids' lives b/c it seems like so long ago and they're only 4 and 7. We were just talking about the air conditioning thing! LOL It's finally hot here and we don't have an air conditioner. We were joking about how the first settlers in the Conestoga wagons just dealt with life and we're so spoiled! I grew up in a concrete block house in Central Florida with no air. But, I sure don't remember it!

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